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"The South's Finest Pear"

About Us

Charles E. Perdue, Jr. working with trees on his farm in
Rosedale, Louisiana. 


Introduction to the “Perdue Pear”


   We as a family take great pride in introducing a pear tree that the late Charles E. Perdue, Jr. (see photos), our father, grew from seed approximately 30 years ago in Rosedale, Louisiana.  The truly exemplary fruit produced by this tree inspired us to seek a professional opinion.  It was at that time that our family contacted Jimmy Boudreaux, Louisiana State University Professor of the School of Plant, Environmental and Soil Sciences and brought his department samples of the fruit.  Being very impressed with the taste, lack of grittiness, no fire blight, and the fact that this pear tree bears fruit every year, Dr. Boudreaux came to our parent’s home in St. Amant, Louisiana to obtain cuttings from the "Perdue Pear" tree.  Since that visit, his department has grafted dozens of Perdue Pear trees and has preserved this unique variety of a Southern pear tree at L.S.U.’s nurseries in Baton Rouge, and Clinton, Louisiana.
   We have since entered into an exclusive contract with Texas Pecan Nursery to propagate and wholesale distribute the Perdue Pear tree. Our tree is now available or retail sale through Willis Orchard Company (see home page for contact information).


   We truly appreciate the time you have taken to read this information and we hope that you are as interested - as we are proud to introduce "The South’s finest… “The Perdue Pear”. 


The Perdue Family -  Charles E. Perdue III


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